Don’t relocate, renovate!

Tilt Turn

Every homeowner wants to make their house a home and there will always be room for improvements as you go. However, when it comes to big decisions, such as where to spend and where to save, the solutions aren’t always obvious. It might be that you’re happy in your home and it just needs a little TLC. On the other hand, you may be weighing up investing in a significant renovation. 

Our triggers are often the same: making the space suit your lifestyle by switching up the layout, a need for more space (especially since the pandemic), a home refresh, or the expense of moving entirely is just too high. 

As such, we’re all faced with the same quandary, do we move or improve? With the average renovation cost of a three-bed coming in at £77,000 and the cost of moving being at a record high, it’s definitely worth some thought. 

The price of a home renovation will be dependent on multiple factors, including your budget, the type of property, planning regulations, and the type of renovation you have in mind. With budget usually being the significant factor, how to estimate renovations or knowing where to get a renovation loan can be a handy starting point. If you are thinking of a loan, our finance calculator tool can help you get an idea of the numbers and provide market-leading options to suit your budget and needs. You can also start planning ahead by getting in touch for an estimation.

If you’re looking for cost-effective ways to renovate your home, it could be worth repairing rather than replacing. Especially when it comes to your doors and windows. With Energy performance assessments now specifically highlighting the condition of double glazing, there are plenty of ways to upgrade your home. You might think the simple solution is to replace external doors, however, this can be quite costly. Repairing and restoring your current doors can be a savvy way to save on a full replacement. 

Our FIX service offers various options to repair and restore your current doors. Regardless of who originally installed them, our craftsmen can bring any door back to life. What’s more, all our FIX services come with a 12-month guarantee so you have full peace of mind. FIX is a one-stop shop that will bring your worn-out doors back to working order, whether you want to upgrade the security or renovate it with some gleaming new ironmongery.

Here’s how we can help repair and restore your doors and an estimate on how much it could cost: 

General repairs

Different components on a door can deteriorate or break over time as a result of normal wear and tear or unintentional damage. We can freshen your home’s doors, including repairing or replacing broken drip bars, drainage caps, and rubber or brushed seals, in addition to smoothing out the hinges.

From £150

Security and lock upgrades

You might be looking for ways to improve your home’s security and feel safer. If you would like to upgrade your security, there are a number of options available through our FIX service. Whether your current door’s material is uPVC, timber or aluminium, new door guards, chains, and spy holes can be fitted to almost every type of door. 

Additionally, you can enhance security even further by upgrading your locks. Our experts can install a high-security cylinder that includes anti-snap, anti-pick, anti-drill, and anti-bump features. Plus, if your door will allow, we can also fit a multi-point hook lock technology – all accredited to the highest standard by Secured by Design and PAS 24. In a nutshell, you’ll be safe as houses. 

From £150

Door ironmongery

Bring any door back to life with beautiful ironmongery. If your door is looking a little past its best, we can give it a makeover that the neighbours will envy. Matching your door to your personal taste and style, we offer an array of handles, letter plates, door knockers, and more. 

From £120

Replacement uPVC Panels

If you have a uPVC door and the panel is damaged or you just want to give it a new look, we can replace it without disturbing the door frame or fittings. This can be a very cost-effective way to get that new door feeling without the additional cost. As with our ironmongery, our replacement UPVC panels can be suited to your personal taste, with plenty of styles to choose from.

From £500

Dog and Cat flaps

Not forgetting our four-legged friends, we can install dog and cat flaps into most uPVC and glass doors. This service includes the supply and fit of a new panel or double glazed unit for the flap. You can even source your own flap and we will gladly fit it for you, or we can supply it too – whatever works best. 

From £250

In summary, while it might sound easier to start from scratch, it can be more cost-effective and just as impactful to the value of your home to repair, restore, or upgrade your current doors. If you can find a one-stop shop that will take care of it all for you, this is even more relevant. You’ll face fewer headaches, lower costs, and likely the same value added to your home. 

Windows – how to add value

We all know how beautiful and impactful clean windows can be to your home, but they also need to be functional. Refreshing your windows can be another simple but effective way to add value to your home. With energy prices continuing to rise, buyers are looking for energy-saving features when buying homes, particularly double glazing. Before deciding on a full replacement, it’s always worth seeing if windows can be repaired or upgraded instead. 

Much like our door services, our FIX team can repair or upgrade almost any window in your home, regardless of who fitted it and you’ll get a 12-month guarantee. 

CR Smith has been manufacturing and installing windows for nearly 50 years, so there’s really not much FIX can’t repair for you. 

Here are just some of our window services that will help return your windows to working order: 

Misted, foggy or broken glass

Whether you need double or triple glazing we can provide glazing replacement options for your individual requirements. 

from £150

Hardware repairs

The mechanics of windows are often most prone to wear and tear. Without some maintenance, this can result in the hinges or handles not operating as they should, or even failing all together. Our FIX hardware repairs service covers an array of solutions for your existing windows for a fraction of the cost of brand-new. 

From £130

Seal repairs

The seals surrounding your windows might deteriorate or separate over time. As such, they may need to be replaced. In order to protect your home from damage while keeping it warm and energy-efficient, it’s important to ensure that your windows and doors are draught-proof, watertight, and secure.

From £60 per metre

Window handles

You can easily modernise the aesthetic of your current windows by replacing the handles. We have lots of styles to choose from, and all our handles come complete with locks that comply with many home insurance policies. 

From £100 for three handles

Although often overlooked as a smart way to renovate, windows and doors can make a huge visual impact for buyers along with the peace of mind that comes with a 12-month guarantee. 

The above prices are estimates only, the precise scope of work and required parts needs to be identified to confirm an exact cost. but with our huge range of cost-saving options and solutions for your windows, whatever your preference or problem, we can help. 

If you’re looking for ways to add value to your home with window and door renovations please get in touch with our team here at FIX