Refunds policy.

CR Smith deliberately offers more generous contractual cancellation rights than are required by law. For the full details, see your CR Smith Contract. Separately, if you have applied for CR Smith Homemaker finance, the separate statutory cancellation rights you have in respect of that application will be confirmed by the providers of your CR Smith Homemaker finance in the documentation they issue to you.

If you cancel within any relevant contractual cancellation period, or within any statutory cancellation period under the CR Smith Homemaker offer of finance, any payments you have made to CR Smith, including any deposit or stage payment, will be refunded in full except to the extent the payment (1) includes any payment made by you, or by CR Smith with your permission, to third parties, such as local authorities or independent engineers or surveyors, which can only be refunded if the third party agrees to such a refund; and/or (2) relates to CR Smith Drawing Office fees for any plans or drawings prepared for submission to any third party, such as a local authority, in connection with your application for any necessary statutory or title consent.