Whether you need replacement glass for a window that’s broken or bespoke stained glass for your front door, our custom-built glass plant, which is here in Scotland, can help with all your glazing needs.


Misted or broken glass.

We can provide single, double or triple glazed units to your individual requirements, to replace misted, cloudy or broken glass in your windows, doors or conservatory.


Glass options.

Take advantage of the unique benefits available from our range of glass options, including obscure, toughened and acoustic glass.


Decorative glass.

Thinking of adding a focal point to your existing windows with some new decorative glass? You can choose from our range of options or we can work with you to create a bespoke design.

We are here for you and your home

Whoever fitted it
we can fix it

We’re ready and on-hand when you need us, no matter who originally fitted your windows, doors or conservatory and whether it’s double or triple glazed with a wood, aluminium or uPVC frame.

No job too small,
no problem too big

No matter the size of the problem, FIX is here to help. From the simplest adjustment to remove a draft, a replacement double-glazed unit in your living room or a new conservatory roof, we want to put the value back in your home.

Don’t replace it,
fix it

Any home improvement is a big investment for your home. A repair, when carried out by experts like FIX, is a more cost effective and environmentally friendly option which can restore them to working order.


But don’t just take our word for it…