Smartglass® roof with optional orangerie detailing.

A Lorimer Smartglass® roof with orangerie detailing will transform the look and feel of a traditional conservatory. Internally, it consists of a partial solid ceiling but has an overarching glazed roof.


The roof itself is an extruded aluminium clad design which is finished with uPVC on the inside to match the windows. Its engineered construction means the roof is fully built and tested prior to installation which carries British Board of Agrément accreditation. The aluminium design means it will remain colour-fast and gives it additional rigidity and strength, unlike uPVC roofs. Each roof has a unique wind and snow loading specification, computer calculated prior to manufacture.

Featuring innovative Smartglass® technology, the roof has a clever coating on the outside which helps keep it cleaner for longer. On the inside, another special coating reflects unwanted heat and glare from the sun in summer, yet helps retain warmth during the winter months and is almost three times as efficient as standard double glazing.


Heat loss reduction

Using a low emissivity coating, argon gas filled cavity and warm edge technology, a typical conservatory roof glazed with Smartglass® is able to retain warmth in the winter months twice as well as standard glazing.


Heat reflection

The solar control coating and subtle tint in Smartglass® reflects up to 60%* of the sun’s radiant heat during the summer months, dramatically reducing the unwanted build-up of heat that occurs with other glass and polycarbonate roofs.


Glare reduction

Smartglass® does much more to regulate the temperature in a conservatory than standard glass. It is designed to dramatically reduce the glare of the sun, reflecting nearly 60%* of visible light and filtering out harmful UV rays. The result is a light and airy room, which can be further enhanced in tone by one of the four Smartglass® subtle tints.



Smartglass® provides low-maintenance technology with its ground-breaking properties. It has a dual action ‘photo-catalytic’ coating on the outer face, which harnesses the ultraviolet energy in daylight to break down organic matter and then allows it to stay cleaner for longer.



Made from two panels of 4mm toughened safety glass, the rigid unit construction offers twice the soundproofing of standard roofing products such as polycarbonate.


Warm edge technology

No matter how efficient your glazing is, condensation can still form at the edges of the frames. That’s because the metallic spacer bar at the edges acts as a bridge, allowing the cold air to pass through it. To reduce this, Smartglass® uses warm edge technology which is 950 times more efficient than aluminium, increasing internal temperatures and minimising condensation.

Smartglass® tints.

Available in a choice of four subtle tints for you to choose from. Our most popular option is the blue tint, helping every day look like a summer’s day, while neutral will provide a more natural hue. Others like the greenish tones of our aqua tint and bronze tends to be better suited to woodgrain conservatories and orangeries.


Diagram of glass finishes


Replacement windows, doors and a full interior make over.

You can create a whole new space within the existing footprint of your conservatory or sunroom by fitting new Lorimer windows and doors as well as the composite roof above by reusing your existing foundations and builder work.


Lorimer windows and doors are A-energy rated and fully reinforced so they’ll help keep the heat in your newly renovated living space.

Optionally we can then give the inside a complete makeover with new plasterboard, flooring, electrics and timber sills and skirtings. Plus, our professional decorators can paint the walls and varnish the sills.

We would also recommend fitting our climate control system which allows you to heat, cool, or purify the air at the touch of a button or set timer. It’s A+++ energy rated, and is therefore much cheaper to run than most heaters or air conditioners. Plus the unit comes in a range of colours to suit your decor.

High performance Polycarbonate.

Where conservatory roofs have a very low pitch, it is not possible to fit a glass or solid roof. Therefore, we have a range of high-performance polycarbonate options. Polycarbonate roofs come in three tints; clear, bronze and opal. You also have the option to include HeatGuard™ which reduces solar gain by over half, compared to clear material. This also minimises glare and reduces yellowing on the uPVC.