Misted double glazing.

Can’t see out of your window because of condensation inside your double-glazed unit? This is commonly caused by the seal that binds the glass together breaking down. To repair misted or cloudy double or triple glazing you don’t have to change the whole window, you can just replace the glass instead. The job is straight-forward and costs from as little as £150. We simply take out the glass unit, replace it with a new one and return the window to its former glory.


Cracked or broken glass.

A cracked double or triple glazed unit can be easily replaced to instantly improve the appearance of your windows. FIX can replace the glass without having to replace the whole window, making it a quick and cost effective repair, from as little as £150.

We need to check the specification of the glass, thickness of the cavity and the type of spacer bar to ensure a perfect fit. We can install into timber, metal or uPVC frames.

Please note we do not provide traditional glazier services, to fit single glass with putty.


Glass options.

Our technical assessors will advise on the best specification for your replacement glazing, including the use of alternative types of glass that will best meet your requirements.