Smartglass™ has been specially designed to remain cleaner for longer than conventional glass. A transparent coating on the surface of the glass harnesses the power of ultra-violet rays and rain water (or water) to break down dirt and organic matter and wash it away.

After installation wait at least a week before cleaning the product for the first time to ensure the sealants used in the conservatory have fully cured.

Start by rinsing the roof with a hose at very low pressure. Do not use a pressure washer on your conservatory at any point. During the week after initial installation the self-cleaning property of Smartglass™ will activate progressively when triggered by exposure to UV light.

The length of time required to activate the coating by UV rays can vary depending on the season and the orientation of the glass. When the glass is wet a small border of water droplets may appear around the perimeter surface of the glass. This is perfectly normal.

The more exposure Smartglass™ has to both sun and rain, the cleaner it will stay for longer. However, a number of other factors affect the time it takes for a mark to be naturally removed, such as the pitch of the roof, the level of ambient light, pollution, atmospheric conditions (e.g. long periods without rain) etc. Smartglass™ is NOT a 100% maintenance free product.

Should the glass require occasional cleaning then a soft, clean, lint free cloth or chamois can be used with clean water, mild glass cleaner or mild soapy water. Never use any abrasive products or chemicals as this may damage the surface coating. For the removal of stubborn marks, white vinegar can be used, but not as a regular cleaning method.